Ahn Eun-jin Reveals ‘My Dearest’ Behind Stories, “I Understand Manchu Language A Little Bit”

“Cross the Line” discusses the background history of the drama “My Dearest”

MBC’s “Cross the Line” broadcast on October 9th featured the guest appearance of Ahn Eun-jin, the female lead in the popular drama “My Dearest”. “My Dearest” was set during the Qing evasion of Joseon. Therefore, historian Lim Yong-han appeared on the show and gave an explanation of the Manchu War.

The purpose of the Qing was to conquer the Ming. Having a smaller population, the Qing was concerned about being attacked from the back by Joseon so they tried to establish an alliance with Joseon at first. However, Joseon had strong ties with the Ming ever since the Imjin War. Unable to betray the Ming, Joseon was eventually invaded by the Qing.

Ahn Eun-jin said, “All the actors took the Manchu language in order to play people during the Manchu War. That’s why I can understand the language a little bit”. Jeon Hyun-moo asked, “How did Gil-chae feel when the foreign intruders came?”. Ahn Eun-jin replied, “She didn’t think it was a big deal because all the young men would protect her anyway”.

The Qing arrived in Hanseong 2 days after evading Josen. It was faster than a report. Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I think it took time to write the report”. They pointed out that people might have sent short sentences, but Ahn Eun-jin said, “It might be understood as a joke”.

Since the way to Ganghwa Island was locked, King Injo fled to the mountain but tried to go to Ganghwa again because Ganghwa Island had wider land for farming. They attempted to go there one after another but King Injo was eventually isolated in Namhansanseong. 

Source: Daum

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