Japanese woman lost her life’s fortune to man pretending to be a Kpop idol

A Japanese woman who was deeply in love with Korean idols spent all of her savings on a man who pretended to be a Korean “underground idol”.

On March 5th (Korean time), Japanese media Kendai Business reported a story about a 44-year-old housewife (hereinafter referred to as A) who was scammed 2.5 million Japanese yen by a man pretending to be a Korean “underground idol” (hereinafter referred to as B).

“Underground idols” are those who perform in underground venues, who interact with, take pictures, and have conversations with fans up close after their stages. The fact that one can meet these underground idols face-to-face without paying too much is a huge appeal.


Meanwhile, A lived in Tokyo with her husband and elementary school daughter. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she spent a lot of time at home, and fell deeply in love with Kpop male idols. Then, she met B, an underground idol who introduced himself as Korean in Shin-Okubo, in Tokyo.

According to A, she became excited after B, who resembled Kpop idols, gave her a flyer to see his performance.

A eventually visited Shin-Okubo every week to see B and spent 40,000 yen per ticket. She competed with other women and spent a lot of money every week, and was able to go on a date with B after six months.

However, it turned out that B was actually a Japanese person who spoke Korean well. A, who spent her life’s fortune on him, had no choice but take it as an expensive lesson.

Source: Naver

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