Japanese model praised for her transformation into BTS’s V in new YouTube video

Japanese weather forecaster and model Kijima Asuka attracted fans’ attention for her transformation into V of the group BTS.

On November 22nd, Kijima Asuka released a photo of her dressed as BTS’s V on her Instagram and blog, thanks to which she received great cheers from Japanese fans. In the photo, Kijima Asuka showed off her sharp nose and hairstyle, which are similar to the BTS member.

 Kijima Asuka transformed BTS V
BTS’s V, Japanese model Kijima Asuka / Sources: HYBE, Kijima Asuka’s YouTube Capture

This is a content about Korean male idol makeup that Kijima Asuka released on her YouTube channel on November 20th. She showed herself transforming into BTS’s V by receiving makeup and styling directly from a professional makeup artist.

Kijima Asuka said she challenged herself to dress up as a man thinking, “Let’s do something that I haven’t done before.” Internet users who saw her photos and videos responded, “I want to have a boyfriend like her,” “She looks cool,” and “So handsome.”

 Kijima Asuka transformed BTS V
Japanese weather forecaster and model Kijima Asuka / Source: Kijima Asuka’s Instagram, blog

Meanwhile, Takashima Asuka is a weather forecaster on Japan’s Nihon TV “ZIP!“. She worked as a model for Nonno Magazine in Japan and currently has 330,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

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