Angry with the result of “Seoul Music Awards 2021”, NCT Dream’s fans arranged a truck protest in front of SM Ent

Aside from demanding a revelation in terms of awards score datas from “Seoul Music Awards 2021,” the fans also demand from SM Entertainment a fairer treatment for NCT Dream. 

2021 was a remarkable year for NCT Dream which was filled with impressive numbers, especially their extremely high physical album sales. Their most recent release, “Hello Future” – the repackaged version of their 1st full album “Hot Sauce” – has surpassed 1 million copies sold on Hanteo. This is why there was no surprise that the boys were announced as the winner of “Best Album Award” for “Hot Sauce” at the “31st Seoul Music Awards” on Jan 23rd. However, this result is not enough to soothe fans because to them, NCT Dream deserves a lot more.

NCT Dream’s fans truck protest

Specifically, NCT Dream’s fandom has expressed their disappointment that the group didn’t even got shortlisted for a Bonsang, which is the top 13 best artists of the year. According to the awards’ policy, one needs to receive a Bonsang in order to compete for the Daesang. However, the data compiled by fans shows that NCT Dream was in #2 in term of physical sales on Hanteo and #6 in term of votes. Each of the mentioned category accounts for 30% each in the total score while the remaining 40% is decided by the judge panel. Based on the above score system, fans believe NCT Dream is qualified enough for a Bonsang.

NCT Dream’s fans truck protest
The data compiled by fans shows that NCT Dream is qualified to receive a Bonsang at the SMA 2021.

With the desire to receive a worthy explanation, a community of NCT Dream fans called NCT Dream Bar decided to send a truck to SM Entertainment building to request a specific disclosure of the data reviewed at the recent SMA awards. At the same time, they asked the management company to treat their idols better. The display on the truck reads: “Please reveal the scores in the Bonsang and Daesang categories at SMA! Please treat NCT Dream fairly! We will always support NCT Dream!.”

NCT Dream’s fans truck protest
NCT Dream’s fans truck protest
The truck sent by fans with the purpose of claiming justice for NCT Dream appeared around the SM Entertainment building in the Seongsu area.

The above action is currently receiving enthusiastic support from many other NCT Dream fan communities in Korea and international fans. It is known that the truck went around the company headquarters in the Seongsu area (Seoul, Korea) and the campaign will run from January 26 to 28, 2022. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has not yet commented on this action of fans as well as the case of NCT Dream.

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