Go So Young shared a loving photo on SNS with husband Jang Dong Gun for the first time in 2 years after his dirty leaked texts scandal

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young are still happily married after the actor’s past scandal. 

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young used to be one of the most admired and powerful celebrity couples of Korea’s entertainment industry. However, in 2020, Jang Dong Gun was suddenly embroiled in a scandal where hacked text messages between him and actor Joo Jin Mo revealed the two discussing adultery and meeting up with young girls. Jang Dong Gun’s clean image was shattered. There were even rumors that his marriage with Go So Young was broken. But in the end, Go So Young still decided to forgive Jang Dong Gun and move on.

After 2 years, the two have overcome the difficult time and stay happily married. In a recent Instagram story, Go So Young shared a photo of a box of red roses. In the corner of the photo, she was lovingly holding the hand of a man, who is believed to be Jang Dong Gun. Netizens guessed that it was Jang Dong Gun who sent this romantic gift to Go So Young to show his affection for his wife. 

Jang Dong Gun
Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young holding hands in the photo…
Jang Dong Gun
… made netizens guess that Jang Dong Gun was the one who prepared the roses as a gift for his wife
Jang Dong Gun
2 years after Jang Dong Gun’s adultery scandal, his wife has completely forgiven him now

Go So Young and Jang Dong Gun were close friends for many years before getting married in 2010. Having a huge fortune, the actor and his wife have a luxurious life in the most expensive apartment in Korea.

After the scandal, Go So Young always kept quiet, sparking many speculations that the couple had secretly divorced. However, the female star chose to forgive her husband. Go So Young also regularly posts pictures of herself and her children taken by Jang Dong Gun, showing that the actress’s family is happy again.

Jang Dong Gun
Currently, his family is peaceful and happy again 
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