BTS’s RM praised by K-netizens for how he calls Lunar New Year, “He doesn’t care what Chinese say” 

Amid growing controversy in the entertainment industry over how Lunar New Year is called in English, BTS’s RM introduced his own notation.

On January 21st, BTS’s RM posted a picture on his Instagram story. In the photo, there is a list of supposed exercises he did during the day.

What stands out from the photo is the phrase “Seollal Day” RM wrote at the top. Instead of writing “Lunar New Year” in English, he used “Seollal Day”, the Korean romanization of Lunar New Year. “Lunar New Year” is commonly used in Western countries to refer to the Eastern New Year’s Day.


Netizens commented on RM’s story, “It seems that RM wrote it like that because Chinese are calling Seollal Chinese New Year“, “He’s really cool“, “RM seems to have a good publicity effect to foreigners”, and “He doesn’t care about what the Chinese have to say at all”.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ Danielle has recently been embroiled in controversy for calling Lunar New Year “Chinese New Year”.

As the controversy grew, Danielle posted an apology, saying, “Because Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated in many countries and regions, including our country, my expression was inappropriate and I am deeply reflecting on this.”

Source: Insight. 

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