Netizens React to TWICE’s “One Spark”: “Shouldn’t They Retire?”

TWICE recently returned with the title track “One Spark”, leading to a variety of opinions from Korean netizens. 

Recently, a topic titled “What do you think of TWICE’s new song, ‘One Spark’”, was published on the Korena forum Pann Nate, drawing over 64,000 views and 160 comments as of February 24. 

So far, netizens have shown rather mixed reactions, with some criticizing the song for being “boring” and calling TWICE’s “flop”. However, such comments received a lot of criticism.


On the other hand, others praised TWICE for their increased maturity in later comebacks, and described the song as being “chosen well”. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It’s really nice that songs of JYP artists these days no longer have the signature JYP rap. I think this song was chosen well. Personally, I like the recent songs better than the songs that were big hits in the past.
  • Shouldn’t they retire already? Is there any point in making a comeback if the song is a serious flop and doesn’t even enter the charts? Even if they promote on music shows, LE SSERAFIM will sweep all the wins and the pre-release song didn’t even chart. Looks like they’ll just lose money 
  • It seems like Twice has returned with more maturity, and the song was chosen very well.
  • This song as a hopeful feeling like “Feel Special”
  • I listened to the song, but it feels so outdated so I don’t like it 
  • Wow, there was a time when they were at the top of K-pop but popularity can just disappear like this… Now, people don’t even know that TWICE has released a song

Source: Pann Nate

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