Japanese beauties attracted the attention in Korean girl groups

There are only a few Japanese idols in the Korean market but they are always prominent and popular with the audience because of different beauty.

Japanese idols are not as popular as those from China who have been active in the K-Pop market. However, groups such as Twice, IZ * ONE, NCT, … have some rare voices from the cherry blossom country. These Japanese idols are few but always outstanding because of their different beauties.

Twice have three Japanese members, Mina, Sana, and Momo. Each girl carries a different beauty and charisma. Mina is like a lady with the beauty of luxury. Her fascinating beauty has been the hot topic of many Korean social sites.

Meanwhile, Sana owns a cute, sweet appearance and a large fan base. Her “Shy Shy Shy” segment of the song “Cheer Up” became a phenomenon and helped Twice rise to the position of the most popular girl group Kpop nowadays.

The beauty and gesture of Momo bring a sense of innocence. Other than the goofy backstage attitude, when stepping onto the stage, Momo fascinated the audience with powerful and sharp dance moves. She took on the role of the main dancer in the group.

IZ*ONE officially debuted on October 29th. This is a group formed from Produce 101 season 3. In the 12-member team, there are 3 girls from Japan

During the contest, Sakura has always been an outstanding candidate and ranked first many times. However, in the final episode, Jang Won Young suddenly surpassed Sakura to take the lead and became the center of IZ*ONE. Prior to becoming a member of the IZ*ONE project group, Sakura was active as a member of HKT48 group in Japan.

Initially, Nako received little attention from the audience. However, after a while, the cute looks and powerful vocal helped her win over the fans. Nako was born in 2001 and works in the group HKT48 with Sakura.

Like I.O.I and Wanna One, IZ*ONE is the project group. After a period of operation, the group will disband and the members will return to the original management company.

Source: News Zing

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