Japanese top star, controversy over rating others’ looks “Pretty Korean actress, her face was completely different in past works”

Japanese top star Masahiro Nakai is drawing attention for his remarks that seem to evaluate the face of a Korean actress.

Masahiro Nakai recently shared on Nippon TV’s “The World’s Astonishing News”, “I watched a lot of movies and dramas when I was taking a hiatus. I fell in love with Korean dramas.”

Last year, he stopped working for several months to recover his health and rest. He watched Korean works during this break.

Nakai Masahiro

On this day’s broadcast, Masahiro Nakai said, “There was a very pretty person, so I came to like her. I wanted to see more of this actress’ works, so I watched a movie 3~4 years ago. Her face was completely different.”

He added, “I watched season 1 and her past works. After that, I stopped wanting to watch season 2.”

At Masahiro Nakai’s remarks, the cast wondered who the actress was and asked what kind of work it was.

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Netizens are showing negative reactions such as “His remarks are careless” and “Why do you rate other people’s looks?”

Meanwhile, Masahiro Nakai was the leader of boy group SMAP, which disbanded in December 2016. He is active in various fields such as singer, actor, MC and DJ.

Source: naver

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