Japanese actress who lost her husband to an 11-year-younger junior revealed her recent status 

The whereabouts of Japanese actress Watanabe Anne, who divorced her ex-husband Masahiro Higashide due to his affair, were recently delivered.

Watanabe Anne recently uploaded a new video on her Youtube channel. 

Ann Watanabe

In the released video, Anne was seen going to Paris for a trip. She took a walk around the Louvre Museum and the Seine River. At this point, her completely different appearance attracted attention.

Ann Watanabe

Anne, who had been known for her long hair, decided to cut her hair short 8 months ago and it seems like she has been used to short hair.

Ann Watanabe

In response to Anne’s new look, fans cheered, “You look pretty”, “I’m always rooting for you”, etc., under the comment section of her Youtube video.

Ann Watanabe

Meanwhile, Watanabe Anne, the daughter of Japanese actor Watanabe Ken, made her debut in 2006 and starred in various films.

Ann Watanabe

In 2015, she married actor Masahiro Higashide, who is two years younger than her, and has three children. It was later revealed that Masahiro Higashide had had an affair with Erika Karata since 2017 so the couple ended up divorcing in 2020.

Born in 1997, Erika Karata is 11 years younger than Anne and she got to know Masahiro Higashide after working together with him in the movie “Asako”.

erika katara

The affair was controversial because Erika Karata was still a minor when she started dating Masahiro Higashide. The two were harshly criticized by the public for continuing their relationship even after getting caught by Anne.

On the other hand, Watanabe Anne is still active by appearing in various works, such as “Japan Sinks: People of Hope” and “Cube”, even after her divorce.

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