Jang Ki-yong’s recent status in the military has been reported, “He’s very cool and handsome”

Jang Ki-yong’s appearance in his military uniform was revealed.

On October 23rd, Kim Kyung-hwa released a photo taken with Jang Ki-yong along with the caption “I wondered if I could do this, but I was so motivated and could work very happily”.

Kim Kyung-hwa added, “He’s so nice, cool and handsome. He’s also very bright and polite… With soldier Jang Ki-yong, who has everything I like”.

jang ki yong

Kim Kyung-hwa met actor Jang Ki-yong, who is fulfilling his military service as an active-duty soldier. Kim Kyung-hwa hosted the closing ceremony of the “2022 Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo” and took a commemorative photo with Jang Ki-yong, who attended the event. 

jang ki yong

Jang Ki-yong boasted a manly figure as he has already become a corporal.

Meanwhile, Jang Ki-yong enlisted in August last year and is currently serving in the military. He is scheduled to be discharged in February next year.

Source: Daum

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