K-netizens comment on “Min Hyo-rin’s beauty”

A netizen claiming to be Min Hyo-rin’s longtime fan shared her old and recent photos and exclaimed “She’s even more beautiful now”

The Pann post regarding this became a hot topic with over 12,000 views as of the afternoon of Nov 23rd. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

Original post: Pann

– I saw her in person. She looks way more beautiful in real life than on screen!!! Her body ratio is a bit regrettable, but it’s true that her beauty can’t be expressed by cameras

– I was really shocked when Min Hyo-rin appeared in “Sunny”

– The movie “Sunny” is already 12 years ago…

– She’s an angel

– Celebrities are indeed different… Even after giving birth, she looks this beautiful

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