Jang Da-ah And Shin Seul-ki Successfully Erased “Jang Won-young’s Sister” and “Single Inferno” Tags With Acting Debut

The two actresses’ acting debut was well received, signaling a pleasant start for them in the entertainment industry.

Jang Da-ah and Shin Seul-ki appear as the main characters of the original TVing series “Pyramid Game,” whose episodes 1 to 4 were released on April 29. Both of them are taking on acting challenges for the first time.

jang da ah

“Pyramid Game” depicts a brutal survival battle in which students were divided into bullies, victims, and bystanders in the fifth class of Baekyeon Girls’ High School by secret ballot once a month. It was based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

Jang Da-ah plays the role of Baek Ha-rin, a person that everyone loves. On the outside, she seems to be a kind and sweet person who takes care of the new student, but in the inside, she actually enjoys the Pyramid Game more than anyone else. All the classmates pretend not to, but they try to please Baek Ha-rin.


Shin Seul-ki played Seo Do-ah, a class president who runs the Pyramid Game. She seems to be a good character who helps a transfer student, but she is indifferent to being bullied by her F grade.

The first impression the two actresses made Issa is to be impressive. Jang does not look awkward as the psychopath Baek Ha-rin, who enjoys bullying her friend with a bright smile. Shin Seul-ki perfectly performed as a class president with good expressions and accurate pronunciation. Of course, some say that their acting is still lacking as it was their debut drama, but others say that they were better than expected.

Shin Seul Ki

At first, Jang Da-ah and Shin Seul-gi are tagged as “nepo sister” and “dating program cast member.” Jang Da-ah is the older sister of IVE’s Jang Won-young’s sister, thanks to which she was drawing attention from many people. The standards fans made for her were high. If she fails to show her acting skills properly, she will be criticized for debuting in the entertainment industry thanks to her sister. Fortunately, the drama reversed people’s concerns from the first episode.

Shin Seul-ki also made her debut as an actress after making her name known through Netflix’s dating program “Single Inferno 2.” She must have felt pressured about her debut in the entertainment industry because of this. It was “Pyramid Game” where Shin Seul-ki’s hard work shines. There was no long hair, bright smile, or “Single Inferno” Shin Seul-ki in this drama. With short cuts, glasses and makeup that is close to her bare face, she proves she can become “actress Shin Seul-ki.”

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