IU Proved She Is The Best Colleague By Singing At Wedding Of Back-up Vocalist

On February 3rd, videos and photos of IU singing at a wedding were released on social media and various online communities.

IU-Wedding-Back-up Vocalist

IU sang the wedding song for Sohyun, who had been working with for a long time as a back-up vocalist. Holding the microphone, IU introduced that they had been blending their voice together for 10 years, revealing that it was a special relationship.

IU chose “The Meaning Of You” as the congratulating song. When IU sang, the bride also sang with her and the harmony of the two filled the wedding hall beautifully.

This is not the first time IU has sung at acquaintances’ weddings. She also made a surprise appearance at actor Chae Do-hyung’s wedding. They worked together in the drama “My Mister.”

In addition, IU sang a wedding song for her best friend Yoo In-na’s manager in 2019, and for Lee Jong-sum’s sister before her romantic relationship with him was revealed. She also sang at the of T-area’s Ji-yeon and Hwang Jae-gyun.

Meanwhile, IU released her pre-released song “Love Wins All” on January 24th.

Source: OSEN

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