ITZY’s Yuna Unveils Ultimate Self-Care Secrets: From Facial Tools to Fitness Routine

ITZY’s Yuna shares her favorite self-care items through Allure Korea 

Yuna revealed her preferred facial massage tool, “It’s metal and comes out thin, making it the best for facial massages. I’ve tried wood, ceramics, plastic, but this is the best. If you press too hard, it swells here. I gently massage while cleansing morning and night.”


Discussing her overall self-care routine, Yuna said, “There’s a season for extensive self-care. When busy with shoots and schedules, I indulge in late-night snacks, skip workouts, and oversleep.”

She continued, “During maintenance periods, I go to dermatology, get massages, practice acupuncture, do Pilates, read, and keep a diary – everything. When I’m not in that season, I do none of it.”

Source: naver 

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