Zuho (SF9) delivers a heart-felt message in the face of discrimination against Boy’s Love dramas 

The idol-actor’s positive response draws attention on the Internet. 

Zuho (SF9) recently confirmed his appearance on a Boy’s Love (BL) drama “Starstruck” based on a novel of the same name. The idol is confirmed to be the male lead who shares romantic feelings with his childhood friend (played by Park Tae In). 

zuho sf9

On the 22nd, Zuho was talking to his fans on Vlive during his walks when he was not shooting. However, he received negative comments about his appearance in a BL. 

Faced with the issue, Zuho responded calmly, saying: “Whatever things, whatever drama, whatever projects, jobs or love. Whatever it is, everything that exists in this world is precious. I want to experience a lot of things. And I want to try many types of stages and acting. It’ll be wrong to treat anything with prejudice. Everything is precious and deserves love”.

boy love

“I am thankful for everyone who loves me, as SF9’s Zuho or actor Zuho. I hope everyone in this world lives while being in love. There’s nothing that we should draw a line around and prejudice it, everyone. It’s not everyone but, anyway. Please see and think of everything in a good life. If you do, life will be interesting”, he ended with a heart-felt message. 

Source: facebook

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