ITZY’s Yuna Shares Childhood Memories and Insights

Yuna’s lovely charm captured in a new photo shoot

ITZY’s Yuna met with ‘Elle’ magazine for their September issue. In a photo shoot that imagined her as an adorable girl living in London, Yuna skillfully embraced various concepts.


Following the photo shoot, an interview was conducted. Yuna responded to the question of whether she usually believes in herself, saying, “I try to believe in the time I’ve accumulated rather than believing in myself. Whether it’s work or relationships, I try to have faith in the time I’ve spent and make practical judgments based on those experiences.”


Continuing in the interview, she mentioned, “I have good concentration in the moment. I also enjoy using my body. For example, when I work out, can’t I just focus on my goals? The fact that there’s such time itself gives vitality to life.” She also shared cute memories of her elementary school days when she was part of the school’s floorball team, saying, “After exercising, the most enjoyable moment was sitting down with friends and eating snacks. We used to order several pizzas and eat them.”


When asked how she would like to conclude this round of activities, she replied, “I hope to be in a state where I can satisfy myself,” and added, “I often hear that I appear bright and refreshing, but I think I have more energy than what is shown. I’d like to show more of that aspect in the future. I have confidence,” showing her determination.

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