Moon Sua follows ASTRO members on Instagram after Moonbin’s passing 

Billlie Moon Sua, the younger sister of ASTRO Moonbin, has followed the Instagram account of ASTRO, its members as well as former members.

On April 21st (Korean time), netizens noticed that Billlie member Moon Sua has followed the official Instagram account of ASTRO, as well as the accounts of ASTRO members and former members on Instagram.


Previously, she only followed Billlie’s official Instagram, fellow Billlie members, as well as the official Instagram account of her agency, Mystic Story. 

Moon Sua’s gesture displays the affections between her and members of ASTRO, who have shared a family-like relationship with her deceased brother, Moonbin. It seems that she has gained 5 additional brothers as Moonbin went to become a star in the sky. 


Meanwhile, on April 20th, it was reported that ASTRO Moonbin, who is Moon Sua’s older brother, was found dead in his residence at around 8 PM on April 19th. Moonbin’s mortuary has been set up, and the funeral procession for him will be held on April 22nd. Moon Sua, along with her parents, are listed as the chief mourners. 

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At the same time, ASTRO members JinJin and Sanha had been guarding the mortuary, and former member Rocky also quickly arrived. MJ, who is in the military, also took an emergency leave, while Cha Eun Woo urgently flew to Korea from the US. 

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