46-year-old Kim Hee Sun wears a large ribbon at her birthday party and boasts youthful beauty 

Actress Kim Hee Sun drew attention with her 46th birthday celebration. 

On June 11th, Kim Hee Sun shared a photo taken at a restaurant where she celebrated her 46th birthday on her Instagram. The actress was sitting at a round table with a wine glass in her hand. She stood out in a pink top with two ribbons and a large ribbon on her head, showing off her lovely and youthful visuals. 

Through her Instagram story, Kim Hee Sun also showed her unwrapping birthday gifts and cards from fans around the world and expressing her thankfulness. 

kim hee sun instagram
Kim Hee Sun smiling brightly like a child captured fans’ hearts. 

Meanwhile, after “Tomorrow” that ended recently, Kim Hee Sun is set to return in Netflix’s original series “Remarriage and Desires”. Scheduled to premiere on July 15th, “Remarriage and Desires” is about a scandal of revenge and desire that unfolds in an upper-class marriage where benefits are exchanged instead of love.

Kim Hee Sun

Source: dispatch

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