Song Ji Hyo’s profile: The beautiful and well-loved actress and variety star

Song Ji Hyo is often associated with the TV game show Running Man, but besides that, she is also a successful actress with an outstanding filmography.

Who is Song Ji Hyo?

Song Ji Hyo is an actress and a well-loved cast member of the show Running man since the beginning. Before becoming the famous female celebrity she is today, Song Ji Hyo went through many ups and downs and used to face criticism for filming steamy scenes. But now, Song Ji Hyo has become an acting goddess of Korea with an ageless visual. Currently, she is still single and has no intention of getting married.  Let’s find out more about the profile, career and personal life of the actress together!

Song Ji Hyo’s profile

Real name: Cheon Soo Yeon

Birthday: August 15, 1981

Zodiac sign: Leo

Hometown: North Gyeongsang, South Korea

Height: 1m68

Weight: 53kg

Occupation: Actress, model

Featured movies and TV series: Ju-Mong, Unstoppable, Intruder, Lovely Horribly,…

Song Ji Hyo went from a controversial actress for filming steamy scenes to one of the most popular female stars

After watching the movie A Promise, Song Ji Hyo realized her passion for acting and wanted to become an actress. But when she grew up, she majored in tax accounting and entered the Korean entertainment industry as a model, not an actress.

But what’s wrong with taking a detour? Eventually, Song Ji Hyo still became an actress. She got her first role in the film Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs, followed by Some, then gradually left a strong impression in Princess Hours and Jumong… Notably, Song Ji Hyo’s character in the hit drama Princess Hours caused her to receive many negative comments from the audience but she also became more well-known thanks to this role. 

Her emotional performance in Jumong later that year made many viewers cry and received countless compliments. After Song Ji Hyo successfully showcased a soft and delicate look through her role, the public thought that the actress would pursue a similar image to her character. However, Song Ji Hyo then shocked the public with her transformation into an 18+ role, revealing almost her entire body in a new romance drama.

The film A Frozen Flower, led by Song Ji Hyo and the famous actor Jo In Sung, used to be the focus of attention at the time of its release because of the bold and sensitive plot. But at the same time, the gorgeous actress also faced much criticism for her participation in this film. Her transformation sparked a heated controversy. Most viewers found her new image difficult to accept, even claiming that she turned into a cheap actress because of her desire to be famous.  

Despite the harsh criticism, Song Ji Hyo has never regretted her decision. She said that she focused on expressing emotions and facial expressions through her character. She did not film steaming hot scenes for clout. Song Ji Hyo is clearly a strong woman. No matter what anyone says, she still looks forward, continuing to challenge herself in different roles, from action, antagonist, protagonist, even controversial ones.

Thanks to her dedication to the job, how she always renews herself in different genres, those who used to look at Song Ji Hyo negatively have gradually changed and turned to support her more.

In 2010, Song Ji Hyo officially joined the game show Running Man. She is the only female member in the program. Her sense of humor, friendly personality, gorgeous bare-faced appearance, enthusiasm while playing games have helped Song Ji Hyo become the ace of Running Man, attracting a lot of viewers and many fans in all over Asia.

Running Man is indeed the program that has brought Song Ji Hyo closer to the public. She is also adored by many juniors in the industry. In particular, through the show, the audiences get to see the positive attitude and golden personality of “Mong Jihyo”.

The actress does not have any social media accounts. She often takes care of both seniors and juniors when they are new to reality shows like Running Man during their guest appearances. After more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, the beautiful actress in her 40s has never been involved in any scandals and has always kept her personal life away from the media.

With a fairly successful career, Song Ji Hyo is also considered one of the “commercial queens” of Korean showbiz. She also occasionally stars in dramas and movies. She often shows off her bare face, so every time she wears makeup and dresses up in eye-catching outfits, the goddess Song Ji Hyo makes fans admire her outstanding beauty.

In 2020, Song Ji Hyo starred in the romance drama Was It Love? and the movie Intruder. The movie Intruder, which was released at the end of May last year, quickly became a box office hit thanks to its horror and gripping storyline. The film has achieved many admirable results both domestically and overseas despite the difficulties due to the pandemic situation.

Despite being in her 40s, having both money and a timeless beauty, the actress is still not in a relationship. That’s why fans are more anxiously wanting their idol to quickly date, but Song Ji Hyo has always enjoyed being on her own without a boyfriend. When asked about marriage, she shared, “Marriage is not on my mind at the moment. I am happy and satisfied with my current life.”

Indeed, the actress spends most of her time outside of work taking care of herself. However, fans still hope that someday when fate arrives, Song Ji Hyo will open up to receive it. 

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