BTS RM “Decision to break up’ is a good work without any conclusion or coercion”

RM, who is known as a fan of the movie “Decided to Break Up,” expressed his deep affection for the work.

Seo Jung-kyung, who appeared on tvN’s “Mysterious Human Miscellaneous Dictionary-All-In-Job,” which aired on December 16, described the movie “Decision to Break Up” (director Park Chan-wook) as “the most natural movie I’ve ever written.”


He continued, “It was like I was someone who didn’t know the ending. I thought that the audience would also feel the enormousness of this movie, like the power of nature.”

RM, who is famous for being a fan of “Decision to Leave”, said, “I liked this movie because it had no definite conclusions and didn’t feel forced. The metaphor of the movie touched me.” He also emphasized that the film leaves a lot of food for thoughts, and that characters such as Hae Joon and Seo Rae are relatable.


Then, director Jang Hang Jun invoked laughter by saying, “Ever since I met Nam Joon (RM), this is the first time I’ve seen him go on a rant like this.”

On the other hand, RM also discussed his impression upon meeting screenwriter Jeong Seo Kyeong. “It feels great to be a successful fan”, he said, adding, “After working hard as a singer, I got to meet writer Jeong Seo Kyeong. I think I am living a happy life.”

Source: Daum

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