ITZY’s Chaeryeong Complains About Gaining Weight Due To Lack Of Sleep During Comeback Promotion

On January 12th, ITZY members appeared as guests in the new episode of Park Myung-soo’s YouTube content “Halmyungsoo”.

In the video, Park Myung-soo introduced ITZY, saying the group recently made their comeback with the new mini album “BORN TO BE” and the title song “UNTOUCHABLE”. As such, he decided to order delivery food for the members and had a nice talk with them.


While enjoying the food, ITZY members said, “We’re trying to diet, but it’s not working out”. Hearing that, Park Myung-soo wondered, “Chaeryeong, what’s tough for you?”. Chaeryeong replied, “I need lots of sleep to lose weight.”

She continued, “We don’t have enough time to sleep, so I don’t lose much weight in the morning…”. Yuna strongly agreed.

Yuna commented, “And if you don’t sleep, you keep eating because you’re low on sugar. So I get bloated and gain weight”. Park Myung-soo reacted, “Here, take a nap”, adding “From what I see here, there must be good energy flow. I slept for 2 hours here earlier”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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