Is This Actor a Person of Multiple Personalities? Transforming into a 7-Year-Old and an Exorcist at the Same Time 

This popular male actor surprised audiences by seamlessly taking on two contrasting roles simultaneously.

Lee Do Hyun stands out among talented Korean actors born in the 1990s. Lee Do Hyun’s debut film, “Exhuma,” recently hit screens, quickly drew 2 million viewers in Korean theaters in just 4 days, outpacing last year’s top-grossing film, “12.12 The Day.”

Particularly, audiences were left awestruck by Lee Do Hyun’s remarkable performance in “Exhuma.” Despite it being his first feature film role, his acting is on par with veteran actors, delivering a portrayal that left a lasting impression, unlike anything seen before in his career. 

lee do hyun

In “Exhuma,” Lee Do Hyun plays an exorcist, always emanating a cold aura with arms adorned in mystical tattoos. Despite limited screen time due to the film’s ensemble cast, Lee Do Hyun’s every appearance sends shivers down the audience’s spines, particularly in scenes where he shows a chilling smile.

It’s undeniable that Lee Do Hyun’s acting skills are unquestionable, as he has consistently taken on challenging roles. What’s surprising to audiences is that during the filming of “Exhuma,” Lee Do Hyun was simultaneously shooting for JTBC’s drama “The Good Bad Mother.” 


While in “Exhuma,” he embodies an exorcist, in “The Good Bad Mother,” his character is a man over 30 with the mind of a 7-year-old due to a serious accident. For a considerable period, during the day, Lee Do Hyun filmed “The Good Bad Mother,” portraying the childlike character, and in the evenings, he transformed into the exorcist for “Exhuma.”

Korean audiences were left in awe after watching “Exhuma,” raising questions about how Lee Do Hyun managed to tackle two contrasting roles in a single day. 

Just the task of embodying two entirely different appearances was already a daunting challenge, not to mention delving into the emotional depths of both characters, which was even more demanding. Many even say that Lee Do Hyun must have multiple personalities to pull off such a feat.

Source: K14

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