“Is she causing controversy again?” Ex-CLC’s Sorn’s recent photo shoot sparked “racist” controversy

Former CLC member Sorn’s photo shoot with BAZAAR is receiving mixed reactions from Black netizens.

It was considered a significant milestone in her career, as it presented a rare opportunity for Sorn to collaborate with the prestigious BAZAAR magazine. However, upon the release of the initial photos, some members of the black community expressed criticism towards the shoot. 


They raised concerns about the representation of Sorn’s Afro hair, considering it as cultural appropriation. Notably, Afro hairstyles have historically led to discrimination against black women based on their hair texture. Black netizens voiced their agreement that this could be seen as an indirect act of racial discrimination.


Notably, this is not the first time Sorn has been involved in racial discrimination controversies. In 2019, Sorn posted a photo on social media that includes a friend wearing a racist mask. Following comments about the racist caricature, she deleted the photo. In addition, in 2021, Sorn was also accused of engaging in racial discrimination towards “Squid Game” actor Anupam Tripathi. Thus, this is the third time the female idol has been embroiled in controversies related to this issue.

Moreover, aside from the cultural aspects, the shoot also received negative comments concerning the background setting, facial expressions, and body language of Sorn. 

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