Is BABYMONSTER’s Youngest Member Aiming to Become the Next BLACKPINK’s Lisa?

Chiquita, the youngest member of BABYMONSTER, is making viewers think of BLACKPINK’s Lisa 

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER recently dropped their debut MV, “Batter Up,” and quickly became the rookie idol group with the highest MV views in the first 24 hours. Even though there are divided opinions, “Batter Up” is undeniably racking up some impressive results.

Chiquita, the youngest member of BABYMONSTER, is particularly causing a stir because of how much she resembles BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Right from BABYMONSTER’s pre-debut days, people were calling Chiquita “mini Lisa” because, from their shared Thai roots to their facial expressions and even the way they smile, they seem to share a lot of similarities. 

In the “Batter Up” MV, those similarities are even more obvious. Still, some netizens are debating whether Chiquita is deliberately trying to look like Lisa. 

In many scenes, Chiquita’s vibe and expressions immediately remind viewers of Lisa. Even the dance moves during her solo parts line up with what we’ve seen from BLACKPINK’s youngest member. 

Some netizens even think this might be YG’s plan all along, shaping Chiquita to be the next Lisa. Regardless, fans are hoping Chiquita soon finds her own style.

Source: K14

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