Kris Wu is rumored to have been married and has a 2-year-old baby

The most popular topic on Chinese social media right now is scorching news about Kris Wu. On the Douban forum this morning (August 19), a blogger revealed that a Canadian male star, who was recently jailed, is actually not single but married and has a 2-year-old baby. The preceding information prompted a slew of internet users to speculate that the blogger was targeting Kris Wu, a former member of EXO.

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It’s worth noting that other netizens contributed more startling information underneath this post: “Actually, he has a fiancée. I’m not sure if he has children or not”; “I also heard that his fiancée is a talented girl, graduated from Tsinghua University, selected by his mother”; “This is something I’ve heard of before, around 2018 or 2019. It was reported at the time that he had a fiancée. His mother had to put forth a lot of effort to keep the stuff secret”, etc.

This is currently the most talked-about topic on the social media platform, but no one has stepped forward to verify it. According to multiple sources, Kris Wu’s mother is frantically looking for a decent lawyer to help her son escape jail. Meanwhile, the singer’s father, who is said to have connections with several high-ranking officials, has rumoredly refused to assist his ex-wife and his son.

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