Im Chang Jung sold the copyright of songs worth 100 million won a year to create this girl group

Singer and actor Im Chang Jung recently sold the copyright to his hit song “A Glass of Soju”, which is worth 100 million won per year, to debut a girl group. 

This girl group consists of 5 members with both visuals and skills, including some participants from the Mnet audition show “Girls Planet 999” and MBC survival program “My Teenage Girl”.

Earlier, Im Chang Jung appeared on the MBC talk show “Radio Star”, and talked about the debut process of this new girl group. 

In particular, the male singer-actor confessed that he sold the copyright of his biggest hit, “A Glass of Soju”, and 160 other songs to invest in the debut project. As it was previously revealed by the copyright fee trading platform “Music Cow” that “A Glass of Soju” alone can generate 118,458,970 won a year in copyright, this drastic decision of Im Chang Jung drew a lot of attention. 

The result of Im Chang Jung’s enthusiasm and ambition is the rookie girl group “mimiirose”. 

According to previously revealed information, “mimiirose” is a compound word of “mimiimii” and “rose”, which represents beauty, and convey the message of “blooming like a splendid rose, with the layered petals alluding to inner and outer beauty”.

Debuting today, the rookie girl group “mimiirose” is made up of 5 members, including Yoon Ji Ah (2004), In Hyo Ri (2000), Choi Yeon Jae (2000), Han Ye Won (2003), and Seo Yoon Ju (2005). 

At 6PM (KST) on September 16th, the girl group will drop their first album, “AWESOME”, through major music sites. 

“AWESOME” will include a total of 4 songs, including the title “Rose” and b-side tracks “Lululu”, “Kill Me More”, and “Rose (Instrumental version)”.

For this particular album, Im Chang Jung is in charge of production and vocal directing, as well as the composing and lyrics for “Lululu” and “Rose”.

Attention is being focused on what kind of performance “mimiirose”, who has been a hot topic even before debut, will unveil in the future. 

Source: insight

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