SHINHWA’s Kim Dong-wan expresses his thoughts on Will Smith’s violent act

Singer-actor Kim Dong-wan revealed his honest feelings regarding the recent controversy over Will Smith’s violent act at the Academy Awards.

Kim Dong-wan

In an interview for the movie “B Cut”, which was held online on March 29th, Kim Dong-wan talked about the movie’s content and updates on his recent status. 

When asked, “What do you think about the controversy over Will Smith’s violent act?”, Kim Dong-wan answered, “I could understand how Will Smith felt”.

Kim Dong-wan

He expressed sympathy for Will Smith’s action, saying, “For all this time, people in Hollywood have ridiculed Will Smith’s family matters in various ways”, adding, “In the midst of that, we cannot judge him only by the incident happened yesterday. Considering numerous rumors and mockeries that occur in Hollywood, I think his behavior is completely understandable”.

Will Smith

The actor added, “Will Smith cried ever since he won the award and I felt so upset for him. It seems that the remark of the comedian (Chris Rock) was not the only problem, but it was an outburst of anger that had been stacked with many issues in the wrong place”.

Earlier, Will Smith was involved in a controversy over him hitting Chris Rock, who made a joke about his wife at the 94th Academy Awards held on March 27th (local time). As Will Smith continued to be criticized for his excessive action, the actor posted an apology on his Facebook page the next day.

Kim Dong-wan

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-wan made his debut in 1998 as a member of SHINHWA. In 2002, he began his acting career in earnest by playing the role of Ki Ho-tae in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Children of Heaven”.

He recently canceled all schedules, including the press conference for the movie “B Cut”, after being confirmed with Covid-19.

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