“Ignore the Hate” Disney Princess Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler’s Cool Response to Racial Discrimination

‘Little Mermaid’ Halle Bailey and ‘Snow White’ Rachel Zegler coolly handle negative comments

Bailey became the first black Ariel in Rob Marshall’s live-action film based on Disney’s popular animated movie ‘The Little Mermaid‘ in 1989. Zegler, who is Latina, is set to play the main character who befriends the Seven Dwarfs in the upcoming ‘Snow White’ scheduled for release in 2025.

Halle Bailey

On Dec 7th (local time), they opened up about the pain of racial discrimination they have experienced through Variety.

Bailey said, “We have been given incredible opportunities and chances to be seen on the big screen, but there is a sense of alienation behind it.” 

She continued, “People start to distance themselves from the fact that we are real humans with emotions reacting to things. There is definitely an area I need to navigate, but I’ve learned that blocking negative thoughts or emotions is the most beautiful lesson.”

She added, “However, when I read things online, I often get angry. I like the saying, ‘If you throw a stone, I’ll build a bridge with that stone.'”

the little mermaid

Zegler remarked, “That’s right. We are creating something that allows people to connect with each other. But there are people in the world who speak words that discourage connection and want to fight. It’s not worth the time and energy.”

Bailey advised, “Have a grateful heart and ignore the hate.”

‘The Little Mermaid’ has faced criticism as a result of excessive ‘political correctness’ and ‘blackwashing.’ ‘Snow White,’ initially set to release in North America on March 22, 2024, has been postponed to March 21, 2025, a year later.

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