Idols Who Boast Exemplary Military Life: Ok Taec-yeon, Jung Yong-hwa And BTS’s Jin & J-Hope

Following “Captain Korea” Ok Taec-yeon, various male idols are also fulfilling military service as exemplary soldiers

2PM’s Ok Taec-yeon was nicknamed “Captain Korea” due to his efforts to fulfill military service. Following him, many other male idols, such as Jung Yong-hwa, BTS’s Jin and J-hope, have also been recognized for their passionate military service.

#Ok Taec-yeon, Captain Korea’s Standards

2PM’s Ok Taec-yeon is considered a representative example of an idol who completed military service faithfully. Before enlisting, he gave up his American permanent residence visa and underwent disc surgery in order to successfully enter the army. Due to his efforts, the male idol received huge support from the public and was given the nickname “Captain Korea”. He was discharged in May 2019 in good health after 20 months of military service.


During his time in the army, Ok Taec-yeon was very diligent. He served as a military instruction assistant and led an exemplary military life by participating in various national events, from hosting to demonstrations. In particular, he even received a “model soldier” commendation

#Jung Yong-hwa, The Best Commando

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa served as a special force fighter and was discharged in November 2019. In March 2018, he entered the recruitment training center in Gangwon-do and then volunteered to join the 702nd Special Assault Regiment in II Corps, known as one of the most elite special forces of the army, after receiving basic training. 

It is known that Jung Yong-hwa completed all training with excellent grades with many achievements, such as being selected for the top team, as the top warrior, getting early promotions, and winning Best Trainee awards. 

#BTS’s Jin & J-Hope, World Stars Become Special Warriors 

Jin enlisted in December 2022 and is serving as an assistant at the 5th Infantry Division. Later, he became a special warrior and was promoted to corporal two months early. Special warrior is a title given to soldiers with excellent combat skills in the military every quarter. Jin made hot topics when the news of his early promotion and special warrior title was reported.

The second member of BTS to join the army, J-Hope, also followed the footsteps of his brother. He enlisted at the boot camp in Wonju, Gangwon-do in April and received basic training. While serving as an assistant in his unit, J-Hope was also promoted to a special warrior early and is currently serving as a corporal. Recently, J-Hope was seen with a green badge on his shoulder, which is known to be worn by the leader among soldiers.

Source: Daum

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