Idol member’s sibling A reportedly did not pay employees of the entertainment bar they run

It is revealed that A, the younger sibling of a disbanded idol group member, has been delaying the salaries of their entertainment bar employees.

According to a report by Sports Seoul on May 27th, A ran an entertainment bar in a provincial area but has not paid salaries to some employees since July 2022.

When recruiting employees, A posted a notice, saying “If you come down here to work from Seoul, I will provide additional benefits, such as transportation expenses and a monthly bonus of 10 million won for those with full attendance.”

After seeing this recruitment notice, employees who came down to this provincial area to work without absence for a month but did not receive the promised bonuses. It was because A cited the contract content and delayed the payments.


The contracts A signed with the employees contain several vague conditions, such as “Those who do personal activities without any special reasons…”, “Those who curse…”, “Those who argue or don’t get along with other employees will not receive bonuses”, etc.

Employee B stated, “I signed the contract and worked for a month but didn’t receive the promised bonus of 10 million won for full attendance. When the promised date arrived, the employer made various excuses and did not give me the bonus.”

Another employee C shared, “I feel like I’ve been scammed because I came all the way from Seoul to this provincial area to work for the high bonus”, adding “I’m not the only one. Other people have not received their bonuses either”

Employee D complained, “I had been working consistently six days a week according to the contract, but when there were not many days left until a month ended, I was told that the contract content was ‘invalid’, and they told those who wanted to quit to leave”, adding “That’s so ridiculous”.


Since the entertainment bar is currently closed, the damages to the employees who did not receive their salaries are expected to be greater.

Meanwhile, if an employer fails to pay salary, the employee can obtain a “Confirmation of Unpaid Wages by Employers” document from the labor supervisor. With this document as evidence, the employee can file a civil lawsuit against the employer.

Under the law, employers who fail to pay salaries to employees or fail to pay employees on the promised date at least once a month can be subject to imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 30 million won.

Source: Nate

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