ROSÉ revealed a “shocking” secret of herself as a member of Black Pink

The main vocal of the famous YG’s girl group – Black Pink – were very surprised by the audience’s reactions towards her voice.

In her recent photo shooting with the Cesci Magazine, Rose – “a piece” of Black Pink – was a model for the photo album this reputed magazine which will be published in December. Besides, the beautiful singer of YG also shared about her career and revealed her “one of a kind” voice in the Kpop industry.

blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017
Rose revealed a “shocking” secret when she was a member of Black Pink.
blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
The angel of Back Pink was very energetic and attractive on Cecsi magazine.

When asked about her impressive voice, Rose shared that she had never ever thought that her voice was unique at all, saying: “Before my debut, I didn’t know that my voice was special”. The Black Pink member continued: “Because I was the main vocal, I was very pressured and worried of my singing ability. However, my fans liked my voice very much!”

blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
Rose felt very happy and grateful,
blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
…that her fans loved her voice was like she just received a special gift.

Sharing about the group’s fandom, the angel of Black Pink did not hesitate saying: “I want to connect with my fans more. It’s great to know what myself likes and to show them off. I truly appreciate my fans and always think that they are very good at loving people. For sure, they have lots of love for me as well as Back Pink inside them”.

blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
Rose shared that she wanted to joined in many fan meetings and other activities where she could sign for and meet more fans.

Among the 3rd generation idols, Black Pink is considered as an equally talented and beautiful girl group. Their every come back makes the audience excited because they always release unique and catchy music products which impress the audience at the very first moments. Moreover, their views on Youtube also make many idols admire completely.

blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
Black Pink always surprise the audience from time to time

Among Black Pink’s members, Rose has as an unique and rare voice in Korea, especially in the idols world. Therefore, a lot of big stars, including extremely famous ones, want to sing a duet with her once in their live performances on the stage or in their music product release event.

blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
With a firm vocal skill and attractive appearance,
youtube, blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
… hopefully, YG Entertainment will soon let Rose debut as a solo singer to develop herself more in Kpop.

Sources: yannews, twitter, youtube

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