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“I like men”, the cast of LGBTQ show “His Man” drove people to tears 

The cast of Wavve’s original reality show “His Man” shed tears and made viewers emotional

A cast member of Wavve original program “His Man” started to cry as he confessed a story related to his father. 

In particular, in the 6th and 7th episode of “His Man”, which was released on August 12th, a space was created for cast members to honestly talk about the trials and difficulties they felt while living as a part of the LGBTQ+ minority.

Here, cast members Chan Kyu, Hyuk Joon, and Eun Chan admitted that they haven’t come out with their sexuality yet, and that they hope people around them don’t know about it.

Another member, Jeong Ho, then talked about his relationship with his father, causing viewers to feel sorry for him.

Jeong-ho then confessed his relationship with his father, making those who saw him feel sorry.

My gay friends went to a queer parade with their parents. It was very nice to see. So I was looking forward to it,” he said. 

He shocked listeners by confessing, “I heard the worst thing. My dad even regretted meeting my mom (because of me). My dad said, ‘If I hadn’t met your mom, I wouldn’t have had you.’

Jeong-ho could not hold back his tears and said, “My dad talked about his first love. He told me, ‘I should have married that person. If so, you (Jeong-ho) would have looked different.’

When asked “Are you getting along well with your father now?“, Jeong-ho replied, “We still respect each other. However, he believes that good medicine will be developed in the future.”

Netizens sent messages of support to the cast, such as “You must have been hurt a lot”, “Cheer up” and “There are various people in the world.

Source: wikitree

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