K-netizens Wonder Which Kind Of Hair Will Be Taken For G-Dragon’s Drug Test

G-Dragon’s drug scandal is still making hot topics every day

A netizen recently raised a discussion regarding G-Dragon’s upcoming drug test, drawing attention.


Sharing an article about Park Yoo-chun, who used to suffer drug scandals in the past, with the title, “Drugs detected in Park Yoo-chun’s anus hair, not leg hair”, the netizen said, “They can even use anus hair for drug tests. I wonder how much hair they will take for G-Dragon’s drug examination”.

park yoo chun thumbnail

In response, other netizens commented:

  • It would be very embarrassing if drugs are detected in anus hair
  • Is it a crime if the inspector takes that hair for a drug test? They must feel skeptical about their job when returning home and sleep.
  • Did they make Park Yoo-chun pull his anus hair out? Even so, he still made a comeback. He’s amazing, in a different way
  • They even shave that hair? They must get hit with reality when shaving

Source: Nate Pann

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