Honda Hitomi is in Korea… She even met and took a lovely 4-cut photo with this person

The recent status of IZ*ONE former member Honda Hitomi has been revealed.

Hitomi recently uploaded several photos on her Instagram along with the caption “Let’s meet each other again ✌??” in Korean.

Hitomi released a selfie taken when she was wearing a mask and a hat that was lowered down to cover her face. She showed off her cute charm by making a V pose and the person next to her was Kim Min-ju, another member of IZ*ONE. Hitomi recently came to Korea and it seems like she had spent a great leisure time with Kim Min-ju after a long time. 

Hitomi also posted pictures of drinks and desserts as well as a 4-cut photo taken with Kim Min-ju. The strong friendship between the two created a warm atmosphere and drew admiration from fans.

Hitomi and Kim Min-ju have gained so much love from K-pop fans around the world since they were still working as members of IZ*ONE.

Source: Nate

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