Zion.T Updated His Status After Admit Dating TWICE Chaeyoung

Singer Zion.T shares his first update after confirming his romantic relationship

On the 6th, Zion.T uploaded several photos of himself on his personal channel without any specific mention, except for a single heart emoji.

In the photos, Zion.T showcases his unique fashion sense, including a nose piercing. The camera angles for his selfies are also distinctive. In another picture, he grabs attention wearing a hat and mask while staring at the camera.


Recently, Zion.T admitted to dating TWICE’s Chaeyoung. When rumors of their relationship surfaced, their agency released a brief statement stating, “The two are getting to know each other and are supporting each other.” It was revealed that they met through mutual acquaintances and have been dating for six months.

After Zion.T’s first update following the acknowledgment of his relationship, fans left comments such as “Pay more taxes” and “Where is Chaeyoung?” Some fans even uploaded pictures of Chaeyoung in the comments. Attention is now focused on Zion.T’s current situation, as he has recently started his public relationship.

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