Hints that Son Ye Jin will make cameo appearance + play good aide to help Kim Ji Won get revenge in “Queen of Tears”?

Viewers noticed details related to Son Ye Jin in the drama "Queen of Tears"

As many viewers already know, the hit drama “Queen of Tears” shares the same writer as the blockbuster “Crash Landing on You”, both written by the renowned screenwriter Park Ji Eun. Due to this connection, in the first 10 episodes of “Queen of Tears”, the couple from “Crash Landing on You” appeared in a special way twice. The first time was through the dialogue of the male lead’s close friend, comparing Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) – Hae In (Kim Ji Won) to the Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin couple. The second time was in a scene where Hae In’s mother is watching TV, and a segment from “Crash Landing on You” is being broadcasted. These interesting insertions delighted viewers.

queen of tears-crash landing on you

Not only inserting elements related to “Crash Landing on You” into “Queen of Tears”, but recently, viewers have also keenly observed that these two dramas seem to share the same universe. Apart from depicting stories about wealthy families with the main character being a talented and outstanding daughter, both dramas also mention the name “Queens”. In “Queen of Tears”, Queens is the conglomerate of the Hong family. Meanwhile, in “Crash Landing on You”, Se Ri (Son Ye Jin)’s family’s conglomerate is rumored to be acquired by the Queens group.

son ye jin

Viewers believe that this is not just a coincidence, and writer Park must have some hidden intention. In fact, it seems that this writer’s dramas all share the same universe. In “My Love from the Star”, Kim Soo Hyun’s character once had a phone call with a girl named Hong Hae In (same name as the female lead in “Queen of Tears”).

Viewers have many speculations about the connection between the two dramas. Many people even think that Yoon Se Ri and Hong Hae In may be relatives, and Son Ye Jin will have a cameo role in the near future. Viewers have already speculated on the script for this cameo appearance, suggesting that Yoon Se Ri will be an important factor in helping Hae In regain the conglomerate from her enemies.

Son Ye Jin has been on a break for quite some time since giving birth. Recently, there have been rumors surrounding her possible return to acting with a new project. If she does indeed make a cameo appearance in “Queen of Tears”, it would be a perfect way for her to warm up her name before officially returning.

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