CUBE Ent announces CLC to disband on June 6

This is really sad news for CLC fans

On May 20, Cube Entertainment announced that CLC would disband on June 6, ending their 7 year journey.

Specifically, the agency said, “First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the fans for your unwavering love and support for CLC over the past 7 years. As CLC’s official activities come to an end, we would like to inform you that the operation of CLC CUBE will end on June 6, 2022.” 

The agency also announced a detailed schedule, saying that it will retain the right to read posts for a certain period of time so that fans and members can keep the memories they made together.

Previously, in August 2021, when participating in Girls Planet 999, Yujin also shared her group’s current situation. With tears in her eyes, she said: “The company said that the team was dismissed. I’ve put in a lot of effort for CLC. I’d like to keep singing and showing myself to my followers“. 

choi yujin

CLC debuted on March 19, 2015. Following the success of the senior girl group 4MINUTE, the public had high expectations for them. However, CLC unexpectedly didn’t have the same level of success as other CUBE groups like 4MINUTE or (G)I-DLE. After releasing Black Dress, NO, Helicopter, CLC finally achieved belated success. Sadly, that was not enough for the group to rise to fame and bring great profits. Now, Choi Yoo-jin has debuted as a member of Kep1er and Kwon Eun-bin is active as an actor.

Source: Naver

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