Highly-anticipated work “The Killing Vote” reveals script reading site

“The Killing Vote” is coming.

SBS’ new drama “The Killing Vote” (written by Jo Yoon Young, directed by Park Shin Woo, produced by Pan Entertainment, Studio S), which will premiere on August 10th, follows a mysterious figure known as Gaetal, who conducts survey via text message to decide whether to put certain vicious criminals to death, then proceeds to murder them based on the results.


On June 29th, the script reading site of “The Killing Vote” was revealed. The production team, including director Park Shin Woo and writer Jo Yoon Young, as well as actors who play major roles such as Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, Lim Ji Yeon, Shin Jung Geun, Kim Yoo Mi, Kim Kwon and Choi Yoo Hwa attended. The passion and energy of the actors, who were immersed in their characters, were so perfect that no one could believe it was their first meeting.

First, Park Hae Jin’s acting transformation stood out. In the drama, Park Hae Jin took on the role of Kim Moo Chan, the team leader of the Special Investigation Unit 1 at the Southern Police Agency, and a skilled expert who takes matters into his own hands whenever a case seems to be going cold. Through his versatile expression, speech patterns, and intense gaze, Park Hae Jin perfectly portrayed Kim Moo Chan, as if he had already thoroughly analyzed the character. The staff members were amazed by the complete transformation of Park Hae Jin, which was completely different from his previous image.


Park Sung Woong’s powerful presence was also impressive. Park Sung Woong’s character, Kwon Seok Ju, was the most renowned jurist in South Korea. However, he is currently serving a long-term sentence in prison for directly killing the perpetrator who sexually assaulted his 8-year-old daughter. With an unwavering gaze and a deep, low-pitched voice, Park Sung Woong portrayed Kwon Seok Ju, a multidimensional character who seems to be intentionally concealing his emotions and standing on the boundary between good and evil. The actor’s ability to immerse himself in the character instantly solidified why Park Sung Woong is a trustworthy actor and heightened expectations for the drama.

Lim Ji Yeon, who foreshadowed a stunning transformation, also raised expectations. Lim Ji Yeon played the role of Ju Hyun, a 5th-year police officer at the Cyber Safety Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Ju Hyun was once an ace in the Cyber Investigation Team, but has now become a mischievous troublemaker and a scapegoat. Lim Ji Yeon captured the energetic and witty character of Ju Hyun with her own energy and breathing, increasing the immersion. The actress, who captivates the public with versatile acting in every work, leaves viewers curious about what kind of transformation she will show through “The Killing Vote”.


In addition, a large number of actors with distinct colors and strong acting skills, including Kim Yoo Mi, Shin Jung Geun, Kim Kwon, Choi Yoo Hwa, Seo Young Joo and Kwon Ah Reum, participated to add solidity to “The Killing Vote”. Throughout the script reading, the actors immersed themselves in their characters and the story without any signs of exhaustion, creating a heated atmosphere. The production team also made detailed efforts for a high-quality work. Expectations for the airing of “The Killing Vote” rose vertically thanks to the actors and production team, who showed such special passion from the first meeting.

SBS’ new drama “The Killing Vote”, which will hit the small screen in the second half of 2023, is scheduled to premiere at 9 PM on Thursday, August 10th.

Source: Daum

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