Highlight Moments from BLACKPINK’s First Encore Concert Night in Seoul

Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé of BLACKPINK had a memorable encore concert night in Seoul, South Korea

Rain of Lisa’s ‘money’

During the first BLACKPINK concert finale in Seoul, South Korea, Lisa was at the center of attention as she was involved in rumors of leaving YG Entertainment after declining two contract extension offers. However, at the BORN PINK concert, Lisa maintained a professional demeanor, always smiling brightly, engaging with fans, and performing energetically.

lisa blackpink money

Notably, during her solo stage, Lisa used Lisa’s ‘Money’ bills instead of confetti. These bills featured Lisa’s image and signature, which were dedicated to the fans. Additionally, on the bills, there was an image of BLACKPINK members hugging each other on stage. This left fans deeply moved and raised questions about Lisa’s message “BLACKPINK always together,” amidst rumors of her departure from YG.

lisa blackpink money
The bills featured Lisa’s image with her signature, along with a moment of BLACKPINK members hugging on stage.

Lisa and Jennie’s cute interaction

One of the videos being shared on the social media platform Twitter includes the moment when Jennie “scolded” Lisa on stage. During the encore, the BLACKPINK members had emotional sharings as they returned to Seoul after nearly a year. However, while Jennie was sharing her thoughts, Lisa distracted her by playing with a plush toy. Immediately, Jennie stopped talking and said to Lisa, “Hey hey, I’m talking,” causing the youngest member to apologize and explain that the stuffed duck was just too cute, making fans laugh out loud

BLACKPINK also joined the ‘dance party’

During some concert nights of this world tour, fans had the opportunity to experience a dance party (dance challenge) before the ‘encore’ part. Especially this time, the cameramen chose BLACKPINK for the challenge.

Despite being the owners of a series of hit songs, when faced with unprepared situations, the YG girls couldn’t hide their embarrassment. Rosé and Jennie, in particular, were even a bit shy about this impromptu dance challenge from the cameraman.

blackpink concert finale
BLACKPINK has achieved success with their first concert finale in their hometown of Seoul and will have their last performance on the evening of September 17th.
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