Here’s what Korean netizens think about TWICE’s new title track ‘SCIENTIST’

Are you curious about Korean netizens’ reaction to TWICE’s latest comeback song ‘SCIENTIST’? 

At 2pm KST on November 12, TWICE officially made a comeback with another full album titled ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’. The album’s name presents a unique formula: if you add ‘ONCE’ and ‘TWICE’ together, you will get love. TWICE’s 3rd full album has a total of 17 songs, in which the title song “SCIENTIST” received the highest expectations.

At the same time as the album’s release, ‘SCIENTIST’ MV also came out. In the MV, TWICE members focus on a research project on love in ‘TWICE LOVE LAB’. The 9 members show off their pretty visuals through various images, from looking sweet to smart and somewhat sassy.  The MV gives off playful vibes with an eye-catching color scheme and effects. 

TWICE Scientist

The key to the success of a comeback is still the title song’s quality, so both fans and the public had high expectations for ‘SCIENTIST’. The title track was produced and arranged by Anne-Marie, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, 72. Korean lyrics were written by Shim Eunji, who participated in writing lyrics for many hits of TWICE such as ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’, ‘Feel Special’, ‘Alcohol-Free’, ‘Yes or Yes’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’, etc. 

Since ‘SCIENTIST’ was composed by foreign producers, the song has an upbeat melody that gives off the same vibes as Western music. Listeners can quickly memorize catchy phrases like ‘Love ain’t a science / Don’t need no license’ or ‘Don’t try to be a genius / Why so serious?’. Overall, ‘SCIENTIST’ brings positive, confident and refreshing energy. 

TWICE Scientist

One of the points that makes ‘SCIENTIST’ different from previous title tracks of TWICE is this time, the member starting the song is Mina, instead of Nayeon. Moreover, many netizens also notice that Nayeon’s screen time and singing parts seem to have been reduced compared to before.

On Korean online communities, ‘SCIENTIST’ MV has quickly gained much attention from netizens with lots of comments and reviews posted after its release. Accordingly, on a positive note, many Korean netizens said that the members all look pretty in the MV and their vocals also match the song well. Every member did a good job on their part. However, some netizens claim that because Nayeon’s voice seems to suit ‘SCIENTIST’ the most, it’s a pity that she couldn’t have more lines.

TWICE Scientist

Apart from positive reviews, there are two major points about ‘SCIENTIST’ that Korean netizens are not satisfied with. First, the song’s tempo is considered too slow. Some comments said the song should be a bit faster to match the fun atmosphere and bring more excitement to the listeners. Netizens also pointed out that there is another version in the album called ‘SCIENTIST (R3HAB Remix)’ with a faster tempo so it sounds more catchy but the atmosphere of the original version is lost.

TWICE Scientist

Second, Korean netizens claim that they can’t hear the lyrics of ‘SCIENTIST’ well even though the lyrics are mostly in Korean. Perhaps partly because it has a Western feel, the members’ singing also sounds somewhat strange compared to usual, causing listeners to miss some parts.

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • Wow, I like both the song and the MV, the members are all pretty!!
  • The song is good but too slow. I think the remix sounds better!!
  • The song is alright, but it doesn’t really stand out by my standards.
  • I can’t really hear the lyrics.
  • I can’t remember the melody, but the MV is pretty nice.
  • I can’t understand the lyrics, but the song is catchy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • I didn’t like their title song last time, but I like this one.
  • Seems like Nayeon has fewer parts? I like her voice though.
  • Good song. I really like TWICE’s unique bright energy.
  • The good point about this song is the low vocal range. I think it’s good that the members can sing more comfortably now. 
  • I enjoy the song, but I can’t hear the lyrics, but the melody is really good, TWICE is beautiful as always.
  • The song is too slow… Please give me a faster song!!
  • I find this song so-so, it seems a bit boring and I can’t hear the lyrics.
  • I wish the song was faster, check out the remix version of ‘SCIENTIST’ in the album, it’s better!!
  • The song is good but Nayeon has fewer lines than I thought, so the song doesn’t seem as catchy as their previous titles. 
TWICE Scientist
TWICE Scientist
TWICE Scientist

What do you think about TWICE’s new title track ‘SCIENTIST’? Please let us know in the comments.

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