Ranking the watchability of Korean dramas on Disney+ in 2022

“Crazy Love” ranks last for poor plot and underperformance, Big Mouth takes the lead with an intricate storyline. 

At #5: Crazy Love 

The motif of a wealthy and powerful company CEO falling in love with a seemingly normal female protagonist is not a new concept in K-dramas, yet “Crazy Love” was still anticipated for marking the return of two stars, Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung. The series is a mix of fun and craziness when Lee Shin-ah (Krystal Jung) decides to send death threats to her boss, Noh Go-jin (Kim Jae Wook) when she learns of her terminal illness after years of putting up with her boss. Nonetheless, the repetitive plot of Cinderella story did not seem to captivate Korean audiences, as seen in the series’ poor ratings. 

Crazy Love

The acting performances from two leading actors also did not meet the set expectations and even underperformed in the drama. 

At #4: Rookie Cops 

“Rookie Cops” is a Disney+ drama that revolves around the everyday lives, learning and growth of freshman recruits at the prestigious Korean National Police University. The series is often regarded as a pleasant watch for its light tone and easy to digest storyline. However, for a group of audience, because of the same feeling, the drama was only a vague memory after finishing the show. 

Rookie Cops

Under the same school romance theme but set in the context of a police training institution, Jung Jin Young and Krystal Jung’s “Police University” in 2021 seems better regarded by K-drama fans and general viewers. While the drama was able to generate an initial buzz thanks to Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin, the typical youth-centered storyline did not make much of an impression for viewers. 

At #3: Snowdrop 

The success that “Snowdrop” has received is attributed in large part to the appearance of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, who helped the drama to be the most tweeted Korean drama of 2022. While the series went through several criticisms at first, “Snowdrop” was able to end on a good note with warm love from the audiences. 

Signs of BLACKPINK comeback

While the political backdrop of the series is not the cup of tea for the larger K-drama watchers, the leading actors themselves kept viewers around. Not only were the audiences in awe of Jung Hae In’s handsomeness and experienced acting skills, Jisoo also put on an impressive show as a debut actress. 

At #2: Soundtrack #1 

“Soundtrack #1” is another Disney+ Originals that specifically targeted the Korean market. Having only four episodes to run through a complete story, every detail and its progression are dealt with in a relatively quick manner. The trope of friends-to-lovers is common, but the show was able to enchant its audiences. 

Soundtrack #1

The series marked the return of leading actors Park Hyun Sik and Han So Hee. Both of them made an incredibly amazing pair in regards to their appearance, acting and chemistry. Thanks to the on-screen couple, the audiences were able to have a whole variety of watching experience, tied neatly in 4 episodes. 

At #1: Big Mouth

While “Big Mouth” is having some stumbling in ratings after two-thirds of the series, the show itself has a refined quality overall. Through the vengeance journey of the wrongly convicted Park Chang Ho, the series does not stop at revealing who is the true boss but also takes a dive into other deeply rooted evils in the city. 

big mouth

The main knots have been untied, generating anticipation for a grand finale. Fans and watchers of the series are hoping for a happy ending after such a challenging journey. 

Whereas some series are more satisfying to watch, other series fell short in expectation and on-screen performance. Nevertheless, that is how things work in K-drama. Hopefully Disney+ can produce and take up even more high-quality dramas for its viewers. 

Source: Dienanh

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