Here’s how YG artists show love and support for their maknae TREASURE 

As the youngest group in YG, TREASURE is adored by the seniors. 

Over the years, YG artists have been famous for being close. That’s why they are often referred to as “YG Family”. Seniors taking care of juniors has always been YG’s tradition. Therefore, since 4th generation boy group TREASURE made their debut, other artists YG have not hesitated to show support and cheer their company’s maknae on. 

“Maknae” TREASURE is adored by YG seniors 

Recently, iKON did a dance cover to TREASURE‘s latest title track “JIKJIN“. The special part where TREASURE members joined iKON at the end of the video and the two groups dance together makes many fans excited. It shows how supportive iKON is of their junior group and how much respect TREASURE have for iKON

iKON and TREASURE were dancing to JIKJIN together 

Previously, on the show The Game Caterers 2 that brought together different generations of YG artists, iKON’s Yunhyeong became the lucky winner of the game and received a prize of 1 million won. Yunhyeong then decided to give the money to TREASURE’s Jihoon and Hyunsuk

Yunhyeong said he was glad to receive the prize but he wanted to give it to the “rising star” and maknae TREASURE’s Jihoon and Hyunsuk, 500,000 won for each of them to buy new pretty clothes. Yunhyeong’s generous and sweet gesture as a senior draws admiration from fans. 

In February, Jennie created a buzz when she collaborated with Gentle Monster to launch the Jentle Garden collection. When the collection was completed, she sent it to many of her coworkers and friends as gifts, including her junior TREASURE. At a fansign, both Jihoon and Hyunsuk wore glasses from Jennie’s self-designed collection, before the items were officially on sale. 

On February 15, TREASURE made a comeback with the mini-album “The Second Step: Chapter One” featuring the title track “JIKJIN“. Throughout this comeback, TREASURE has received much support from iKON. Chanwoo and Yunhyeong introduced their junior’s new song to fans through their personal YouTube channels. Donghyuk joined in the “JIKJIN challenge” on TikTok with Yedam and Yoshi

Besides JIKJIN, b-side track Darari on The Second Step: Chapter One also goes viral online. The choreography of Darari is becoming a trend and receiving enthusiastic response from many users on TikTok. So of course, to support TREASURE, YG artists would not stay out of this trend. 

Somi’s Darari challenge video on TikTok currently has more than 3.8 million likes, second only to TREASURE themselves. WINNER’s Seunghoon also did this challenge and tagged TREASURE‘s account.

Since the broadcast of YG Treasure Box, the program to select TREASURE members, many YG artists have paid attention to the group. Accordingly, despite being busy with their schedules, BLACKPINK still appeared as judges and gave comments to the contestants. When TREASURE officially debuted, all four BLACKPINK members promoted their little brothers’ song on their personal Instagram. 

Blackpink-Treasure-YG Treasure Box-
BLACKPINK is present in the program “YG Treasure Box”.

Not only BLACKPINK, WINNER members were also supportive of TREASURE’s debut and gave their juniors a lot of useful advice. Haruto once shared, “When we were recording the title song, Seungyoon and Mino sunbaenims came over and shared some really helpful advice with all of us.” BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, Kim Jaeduck, Jang Suwon (SECHSKIES), KRUNK and YGX dancers also posted on their personal accounts to support their juniors. 

The love of YG artists for their maknae TREASURE is admirable. Although many idols have left YG in recent times, the closeness between the seniors and juniors of the company still warms fans’ hearts.

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