“He was obviously angry”…Actor Sung-hoon’s controversial attitude on “Lined Up Restaurants”

Actor Sung-hoon’s attitude on broadcast is being criticized by netizens.

tvN’s “Lined Up Restaurants,” which aired on August 8th, shows Park Na-rae, Mukbang Youtuber Haetnim, and Sung-hoon visiting a kimchi stew restaurant in Hwanghak-dong.

After Sung-hoon saw many people queueing even before the restaurant was opened, he asked, “Do we really have to keep the camera on until it’s our turn?”

He then dragged Park Na-rae’s arm and said, “Follow me,” adding, “I can’t stand queueing in line. I’m not the type to look for good restaurants. If there is even one person waiting already, I will go to the next restaurant right away,” he complained.

In addition, while waiting, Sung-hoon appeared to be struggling, saying, “Let’s go somewhere else now,” while squatting on the floor with his self-camera on the floor.

After finally entering the restaurant, Sung-hoon put the meat on the grill without saying a word as soon as the meat was served, and as soon as the meat was cooked, he picked up a handful with the tongs and silently opened an eating show, stunning Park Na-rae and Haetnim.

Some netizens who have watched the broadcast responded with criticism, such as, “Shouldn’t he check what kind of program it is before deciding to appear?” “I think he is angry because he is hungry,” “Was Na-rae and Haetnim conscious of his attitude? They look so busy,” “He was obviously angry, which makes that episode uncomfortable to watch.”

On the other hand, there were also netizens who responded, “It looks like he is just focusing on eating,” “I don’t think much about that thou,” and “I feel like he is just someone who can’t stand hunger.”

Source: nate

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