“They did not disappoint,” Stray Kids got praised by the U.S. Teen Vogue, entered the Best Global Chart

Stray Kids drew global favorable reviews with their various concepts. 

Stray Kids

The U.S. magazine Teen Vogue recently shone light on the music video of the title song “Maniac” from the new album “Ordinary” released by Stray Kids at 1 p.m. on Mar 18th (KST). “With a title like “Maniac,” we expected Stray Kids to pull off some unconventional looks in the music video for their latest single — and they did not disappoint,” it praised, citing 18 best fashion choices from the MV. From pink heart goggles, finger gloves, bold color costumes, to the dark smoky makeup, such unique fashion doubled the fun of watching.

The new song “Maniac” music video, full of various attractions such as fashion, performance, and dramatic stories, has drawn a steep rise in views with enthusiastic responses from K-pop fans around the world. It reached 10 million views on YouTube on Mar 19th, about 18 hours after its release, 20 million views on the 20th, and 30 million views 3 days later on the 21st, and 36.19 million views on the 22nd, raising the possibility of them surpassing 50 million views in the shortest period. The MV also entered the YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide Chart on the 18th and topped the chart for four days until the 21st.

Stray Kids-Oddinary Maniac Teaser

Stray Kids is looking forward to a new career high with their new mini-album “Ordinary” and title song “Maniac.” On the morning of Mar 16th, news reported that the group has surpassed 1.3 million pre-orders, and become a half million seller with 535,540 cumulative sales based on the album counting site Hanteo Chart two days after its release. The album also topped the Worldwide iTunes album chart for three days from the 18th to the 20th, and topped the iTunes album chart in 56 overseas regions, including Germany, Brazil, Australia and Japan, on a cumulative basis until the 21st.

The new song “Maniac” also topped the iTunes song chart in 35 overseas regions, including Mexico, Singapore, and Chile, until the 19th, as well as the Worldwide iTunes song chart. It also topped the European iTunes song chart as of Mar 19th. In particular, it also ranked 25th on the global top 200 chart on Mar 18th on Spotify, a global music streaming platform, and became the third K-pop group to succeed in charting all songs in an album, including its title song, proving the group’s global popularity.

Stray Kids-Oddinary Maniac Teaser

The new album this time, which is writing a new history of Stray Kids’ growth, is a mini-album released about two years and three months after “Cle: Levanter” in December 2019. Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of 3RACHA, a producing team in the group in charge of writing and composing the title songs, were all listed in the album credit. The album name “Ordinary” was named by combining the two English words “Odd” and “Odinary” meaning “Weird” and “Normal,” conveying the message of “We all have a strange side. In other words, strange things are ordinary.”

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