Han Ye-seul: “I Couldn’t Tolerate Malicious Actions by the Late Kim Yong-ho”

Han Ye-seul talked about YouTuber and ex-reporter Kim Yong-ho, who passed away while spreading malicious rumors about her

On December 8th, Han Ye-seul uploaded a video titled “Long Time No See” on her YouTube channel.

During her break from YouTube, Han Ye-seul spent healing time in the US. She mentioned controversial YouTuber and ex-reporter Kim Yong-ho, who passed away in October.

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Han Ye-seul expressed, “He could have turned away from that path and lived a new life. Losing even that opportunity is regrettable and pitiful. Going to court was too much stress for me. I thought going through trials and lawsuits was not easy, and suddenly, this chapter ended.”

Han Ye-seul continued to discuss her legal actions against Kim Yong-ho, “His actions were so malicious that I couldn’t tolerate them more than I feared. Watching him engage in murderous behavior, I confronted him with a mindset of either me or him. I’m familiar with witch hunts and have undergone a lot of training. So, it wasn’t fatal for me. I was just worried about my boyfriend.”

han ye seul

Han Ye-seul explained, “I wanted to take my boyfriend to the US because of how he was affected. I wanted him to experience that there is a bigger world outside. As a result, there was a lot of healing, and he became much healthier. Now, he is very happy. He plays a role in providing strength and mental healing when I’m tired and spiritually exhausted.”

In 2021, Han Ye-seul filed defamation and insult charges against YouTube channels spreading false information and using offensive expressions about her, including those with content similar to or exceeding the level of malice. YouTuber Kim Yong-ho was among those sued.

Since August 2020, Kim Yong-ho had been accused of threatening celebrities on his YouTube channel with the intention of revealing negative content unless they paid him millions. He passed away on October 12th while facing a substantive examination of the arrest warrant scheduled for October 16th.

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