Han So-hee’s Cringy Reactions At Event In Paris Re-examined Amid Dating Rumors

Videos showing Han So-hee’s reactions at the Boucheron party went viral again under the caption “Han So-hee Cringe”

Han So-hee recently attended the party hosted by Boucheron to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Quatre jewelry collection in Paris, France.

What drew attention was the actress’s unnatural expressions during the event. She kept opening her eyes wide and exaggerating her reactions. Sometimes, she would frown and shout at the staff, but sometimes, she would suddenly laugh excitedly. 

In response to the videos of Han So-hee at the event, many netizens commented that her expressions and reactions were weird, excessive, and cringy. 

Some also poured criticism, saying the actress was overestimated. They claimed that Han So-hee gained attention through media play, suggesting that she is better known for her visual rather than her acting skills, dramas or characters. 

Meanwhile, Han So-hee is embroiled in controversy over her dating rumors with actor Ryu Jun-yeol.

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