Han So-hee spotted in Seongsu-dong, unbeatable charisma

The actress Han So-hee showcased a hairstyle and makeup that made her reminiscent of foreign actresses.

On the 1st of the month, Han So-hee attended the ‘Lady Dior Celebration’ exhibition photocall held at a concept store in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

At the Dior exhibition on that day, Han So-hee, with her chic fashion style, captured the viewers’ attention with her lens-wearing and shadowy smoky makeup that made her appear as if she were a foreign woman.

han soo hee

Wearing a white shirt, a black tie, and denim pants, Han So-hee presented an outfit that was both androgynous and feminine, showcasing her wit.

Netizens expressed admiration for Han So-hee’s beauty, commenting with words like “Wow,” “Her visuals are truly amazing,” “The smoky makeup suits her so well,” and “She just put on the clothes and took pictures, but she looks gorgeous in all of them.”

Recently, Han So-hee has received global attention for her role as the female lead in BTS Jungkook’s first solo single ‘Seven’ (feat. Latto) music video.

han soo hee

The outfits Han So-hee wore at the exhibition were all known to be from the ‘Christian Dior’ 2023 F/W collection. The shirt she wore cost 2.7 million won, the denim pants 2.5 million won, and the bag is an expensive item priced at a whopping 8.4 million won. It was reported that all the ‘Dior’ items Han So-hee wore at the exhibition were in the range of around 15 million won.

Han So-hee is currently preparing for the release of the Netflix original series ‘Kyungseong Creature,’ scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

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