Han So-hee Appears With Rose Tattoo On Her Wrist And Without Face Piercings

Actress Han So-hee surprised netizens with her new photoshoot image without piercings

Han So-hee recently posted a pictorial for brand C on her personal SNS account.

The released picture shows Han So-hee holding a cushion of brand C. She flaunted her overwhelming visual in a black dress that clearly revealed her sexy collarbones.

Leaving a strong impression with the black rose tattoo on her wrist, the actress amazed everyone with her face without the recent piercings. Han So-hee might have taken off the piercings for a while for the shoot. 

In response to Han So-hee’s update, fans poured compliments, saying “With or without piercings, her beauty is still the best”.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee previously explained the reason she had piercings on her face through a live broadcast. The actress shared, “I just did what I wanted to do. Piercing is fun”, adding “I can take them off when it comes to my work. I got piercings because I’ve never done that before. If the piercings are helpful for my work, I will keep them like that”.

When asked if it hurt when she got her face pierced, Han So-hee said, “Lip piercings were more painful than when I got the ones under my eyes.”

Source: Nate

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