Han Hyo Joo surprises everyone with her casual travel fashion, “Is she really a top star?”

Actress Han Hyo Joo revealed her simple and casual outfits on her recent trip to the Philippines.

The Youtube channel of Han Hyo Joo’s agency BH Entertainment recently uploaded a new video titled “Episode 1. Han Hyo Joo did [Free] [Diving]”. The video showed Han Hyo Joo traveling to Manila, the Philippines after taking a free diving lesson.

At that time, Han Hyo Joo’s simple airport fashion when arriving at Manila Airport caught the eyes of fans and netizens. The actress wore a blue windbreaker and a cap with her hair tied tightly, creating a comfortable and friendly look. Despite her unpretentious fashion and bare face, the local guide greeted Han Hyo Joo, “Excuse me, pretty”, when meeting her for the first time.

After eating cup noodles at the airport, Han Hyo Joo boarded another flight to Palawan Island. There, the actress enjoyed various activities, such as seawater hot springs and free diving in the Palawan Sea, to the fullest.


On the way returning to Korea after the short trip, Han Hyo Joo once again ate cup noodles at the airport. She said, “Doesn’t this look familiar?”. She confessed, “I really don’t wanna leave and return to Korea. I want to stay here longer”, expressing her regret.

Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo’s new movie “Believer 2” will be released soon.

Source: Nate

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